Legislative Committee

Illinois APCO jointly with Illinois NENA have a group of very dedicated members who serve on our Joint Legislative Committee. The Committee is tasked with monitoring legislation that directly effects 9-1-1 centers. The Committee along with our Lobbyist John Lowder dedicate countless hours to the task of working with the 9-1-1 Statewide Advisory Board as well as monitoring new legislation at the State and Federal level. The Committee meets on a weekly basis or more often as needed and also advises the Association President's when there is a need for member action alerts on specific legislative matters. 

The current Committee members are: 


Illinois APCO

Illinois NENA

Ralph Caldwell - Co ChairJohn Ferraro - Co Chair
Brent Reynolds - ILAPCO PresidentShelly Dallas - Illinois NENA President
Jason KernCindy Wagner
Chris KindelspireJohn Ferraro
Tammy PetersonJessica Hasheider

Legislative Update 11/23/2021

The two Chapter Executive Boards have spent hours working with the Joint Legislative Committee to review and provide suggestions and comments on Parts 1324 and 1327 to be submitted to ISP prior to their due date of December 6th. To provide membership a summary of the suggested changes and comments, a joint membership meeting has been scheduled for December 2nd at 12:30pm, due to the ISP’s short comment period and the holiday season the meeting will conclude at 2:00pm.

The goal of this meeting is to share the existing comments and suggestions of the two boards and the Joint Legislative Committee, so that membership can provide email comments and suggestions to be considered prior to the submission of INENA and IL APCO’s comments to the ISP.

Please forward your comments, suggested changes, or additions via email to Glenna Johnson dkgsj911@gmail.com on behalf of the two associations. Comments are welcome prior to this scheduled Zoom presentation but must be submitted by noon on December 6th to be included in our submission to the ISP. Glenna Johnson has graciously accepted the request to continue as the scribe for the administrative rule changes. You are also free to submit your comments to ISP individually as well.

Note: Draft copies of Parts 1324 and 1327 are available on both chapter websites and by request through Glenna Johnson.  


Shelley Dallas – INENA President            Brent Reynolds – IL APCO President

Meeting information


Legislative Update 6/1/2021

Hello all,

I am sure you have seen the communication from earlier today regarding the two Bills that we know have a direct impact on 9-1-1. The first is HB2784 Mental Health which passed the House and Senate last week, and the other is HB3702 which we discussed possibly being incorporated into a larger Telecom Bill. The language from HB 3702 was incorporated into the Telecom Bill HB3743 and it ultimately passed both the House and Senate this past extended weekend. That new Bill HB3743 has a Senate Amendment #2 that includes all 9-1-1 related items previously included in HB3702. You can click on the link to see the language. Also I have included an attached PDF of the HB3742 SA2 as well as a word document that includes some of the highlights, but is not all inclusive of the entire amendment.

INENA and IL APCO will continue to work with those involved in the Mental Health Bill HB2784 to make sure we are represented to help in the successful implementation of this newly passed legislation. 


  • Replaces everything after the enacting clause. Amends the Emergency Telephone System Act.
  • Extends the repeal of the Act from December 31, 2021 to December 31, 2023.
  • Makes various changes to definitions. Provides that within 18 months of the awarding of a contract under the Public Utilities Act to provide Next Generation 9-1-1 service (rather than by December 31, 2021), every 9-1-1 system in Illinois, except in a municipality with a population over 500,000, shall provide next generation 9-1-1 service.
  • Provides that a municipality with a population over 500,000 shall establish a statewide Next Generation 9-1-1 network by December 31, 2023.
  • Provides that the information registered by an emergency telephone system with the Statewide 9-1-1 Administrator shall include the identification of the System Manager.
  • Provides that an Emergency Telephone System Board has the power to designate a 9-1-1 System Manager, whose duties and responsibilities shall be set forth by the in writing.
  • Defines "System Manager".
  • Provides that the installation of or connection to a telephone company's network of any automatic alarm, automatic alerting device, or mechanical dialer that causes the number 9-1-1 to be dialed in order to directly access emergency services and does not provide for 2-way communication is prohibited in a 9-1-1 system.
  • Provides that training for public safety telecommunicators must be completed within one year of the Statewide 9-1-1 Administrator establishing the required guidelines, rules, and standards.
  • Provides that upon completing of training, all public safety telecommunicators must complete specified continuing education training regarding the delivery of 9-1-1 services and professionalism bi-annually.
  • Provides that on or after January 1, 2024 (rather than 2022), a municipality with a population over 500,000 may not impose a monthly surcharge in excess of $2.50 per network connection.
  • Provides that on or after January 1, 2024 (rather than 2022), the municipality may continue imposing and collecting its wireless carrier surcharge.
  • Amends the Prepaid Wireless 9-1-1 Surcharge Act.
  • Deletes language providing that on or after January 1, 2021, a home rule municipality having a population in excess of 500,000 may only impose a prepaid wireless 9-1-1 surcharge not to exceed 7% per retail transaction sourced to that jurisdiction.

Documents: HB3743 Telecom Bill     HB3743 Senate Amendment 2

Weekly Legislative Advisory 

Each week when the Illinois General Assembly is in session or other times when needed, a weekly legislative advisory of bills that may effect the 9-1-1 Community. Those advisories can be reviewed below: 

Legislative Advisory - June 5th, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - May 22nd, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - May 15th, 2021 
Legislative Advisory  - May 8th, 2021
Legislative Advisory - May 1st, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - April 24, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - April 19, 2021
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