Legislative Committee

Illinois APCO jointly with Illinois NENA have a group of very dedicated members who serve on our Joint Legislative Committee. The Committee is tasked with monitoring legislation that directly effects 9-1-1 centers. The Committee along with our Lobbyist John Lowder dedicate countless hours to the task of working with the 9-1-1 Statewide Advisory Board as well as monitoring new legislation at the State and Federal level. The Committee meetis on a weekly basis or more often as needed and also advises the Association President's when there is a need for member action alerts on specific legislative matters. 

The current Committee members are: 


Illinois APCO

Illinois NENA

Ralph Caldwell - Co ChairDavid Tutlle - Co Chair
Brent Reynolds - ILAPCO PresidentShelly Dallas - Illinois NENA President
Jason KernCindy Wagner
Chris KindelspireJohn Ferraro
Tammy PetersonJessica Hasheider

Weekly Legislative Advisory 

Each week when the Illinois General Assembly is in session or other times when needed, a weekly legislative advisory of bills that may effect the 9-1-1 Community. Those advisories can be reviewed below: 

Legislative Advisory  - May 8th, 2021
Legislative Advisory - May 1st, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - April 24, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - April 19, 2021
Legislative Advisory  - April 6, 2021