ByLaw Changes 2020

Bylaws as approved on September 3rd, 2020 Bylaws


International Executive Council Term

Previously the International Executive Council members of the Executive Board have been elected to terms of two years in length. Moving forward (2020 Election and beyond), we would like that term to be a term of four years in length. The reasoning behind this is that for a first time International Executive Council Member, two years is barely enough time to get fully acquainted with the position and its duties. Constant turn over of this position every two years would effectively render this position as ineffective at the international level.

Same Employer Voting Members on Executive Board

Currently there can be no more than two voting members on the Executive Board from the same employer. We are proposing changing that to no more than one voting member to ensure diversity on the Executive Board. We believe that the Executive Board exists to serve 9-1-1 professionals across the entire state and believe that this change will better ensure geographical diversity on the Executive Board.

Voting Rights for Chapter Commercial Advisory Member (CCAM)

The CCAM’s primary role is to interact with our commercial partners and commercial membership. This connection is vital to the financial support we get from this group of people, and more importantly, keeps us connected to industry trends moving forward. Making this member a voting member legitimizes their role and gives the commercial community a meaningful voice on our Executive Board.

CCAM nominated by the ILAPCO President, approved by Executive Board vote.

This position has never had a defined process by which it has been filled, and this is an attempt to fill that gap. Because the CCAM works so closely with the president and the Executive Board, we are proposing that this position be filled via nomination by the elected president, which will be followed by a majority favorable vote on the Executive Board. Additionally, because the CCAM will be a voting member, Executive Board approval is a necessary piece of oversight to ensure that the CCAM does not become merely the President’s second vote.

Alternate CCAM

We have provided for an alternate CCAM on the Executive Board that will only be able to cast votes in the absence of the primary CCAM. We felt this was a good step to further engage our commercial partners.

President shall only be a tie breaker Vote.

The President will refrain from all voting as the president, except when there is a tie, in which case the President’s vote will be the tie breaker.