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Narrowbanding Kits
The Illinois Chapter has produced a narrowbanding kit that includes:
  • 2 professionally produced, copied, and imprinted DVDs
  • 1 CD with documents and links
  • 1 PowerPoint that tracks with the video presentation
  • 1 nice case that holds all three disks
  • Postage

Please consider a one-stop-shopping approach to narrowbanding with this kit. Included in the presentation are many tips and guidelines to save your agency money when going through the process. It fully describes the statewide roll-out of narrowbanding for all common and mutual aid channels. Submit a Narrowband DVD Order Form.

All rights reserved.

The cost is $11.50 per kit. We are not making any money on these kits; they are available at cost.

If you buy one, please send me feedback on what you thought. This has taken a few years to put together, has been peer-reviewed, and was updated many times based on feedback.