Tuesday 8:30 AM Managing and Resolving Conflict

Program Objectives 

1) Understand the human factors that cause conflicts. 2)  Apply concepts of Emotional Intelligence and Active Listening to mitigate the severity and duration of conflicts. 3) Create paths to agreeable solutions.    

Program Description

This session is geared for audience participation as they learn about how perceived challenges to our human wants and needs are at the very core of all conflicts. Attendees will come away with enhanced Emotional Intelligence and Listening Skills (everyone could always use improvement in these areas). Looking back and analyzing our own past conflicts will serve as our case studies to practice the techniques learned in this session. Nobody can eliminate all conflict, and some conflicts are necessary, but managing or resolving them does not need to leave a wake of damaged or broken relationships (professional and personal).    

Presenter Bio 

Robert Mann served as member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department for twenty-five years. He began his law enforcement career after serving in the United States Marine Corps. Robert has been involved in training for well over twenty-five years, having been a Field Training Officer, a full-time Arrest and Controls Techniques Instructor, and the Training Officer for a full-time Bomb Squad, as well as having over twenty years of experience as adjunct faculty at Santa Ana and Golden West Colleges. He is certified as a Master Instructor through CA POST. Robert is a graduate from SWAT School, Hostage Negotiation School, Bomb Technician School, and Tactical Explosive Breacher School. He worked assignments in General Investigations, Special Investigations, and Internal investigations. Robert is a recipient of the OCSD Medal of Courage. After leaving active law enforcement, Robert worked for several years in support of law enforcement as a Program Coordinator/Trainer at the Government Training Agency (GTA). He has been an instructor and course coordinator within the POST Instructor Development Institute and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations. He currently works as Professional Development Trainer and Instructional Designer, serving both government agencies and private corporations. Robert has presented at International and National conferences, including NENA, National Homicide Investigators, and Concerns of Police Survivors.