Monday 4:15 PM 9-1-1, What's Your Bias

Program Objectives

1) Participants will explore the differences and impacts of implicit bias, privilege, and microaggressions 
2) Through case studies, participants will examine how the 9-1-1 system has been weaponized implicitly against vulnerable                 communities such as people of color, the mentally diverse, LGBT folks, children, and often the intersectionality of many                      identities. 
3)  Participants will gain tactics to move from awareness to action with various activities they can implement in their center to ensure that bias does not persist.    

Program descrption

The 911 system has often been abused and weaponized against different communities of people. This session explores the role of implicit bias in calls motivated by race, age, gender, mental ability and more. We will deconstruct the meaning of implicit bias, privilege, and microaggression in order to journey from awareness, acceptance, to action. How can we bridge the gap between civility and service?   

Presenter Bio 

Dru Clarke started as a telecommunicator with Fairfax County in 2013 where he became a calltaker, police and fire dispatcher, CTO, DCJS instructor, EMDi, quality assurance specialist, Training Instructor, and Operations Supervisor. Dru has a passion for the people, and through his instructorships he creates impactful continuous educational seminars that inspire lasting change. He is proactive and personable, with an expertise in public speaking and workplace momentum. He creates, coordinates, and implements new ideas and trainings seamlessly into the workplace. With his keen eye for detail, he transforms missions and goals into action. He puts people before policy, culture before strategy, and receives a "Return on Influence" with each employee he engages. Leading with love, courage, and vulnerability, Dru carves out brave new spaces within the workplace where all can be seen and feel included. He is a catalyst for change, compass for truth, and curator of innovation. In 2020, he launched his training firm ChangeTalk where he teaches a variety of leadership topics to industry professionals. Today, Dru is a Training Manager with Carbyne, the world's largest provider of advanced mobile location services. With Carbyne, Dru hopes to provide front line call takers and dispatchers with the NextGen911 solutions that will enable and empower them to get the right help to the right people every single time.