Monday 3:15 PM Mass Casualty Incidents and Connected Comms: Never Respond Alone

Program Objectives

1) Data-first requests for service can speed up response times, improve officer safety, help agencies better allocate resources, and relieve pressure from understaffed agencies 
2)Emergency data delivery improves situational awareness and can prepare agencies for major incidents before the phones even start to ring 
3) By removing the need for a voice conversation, data-first requests for service can benefit those who are unable to speak during urgent situations     

Program Description

Mass Casualty Incidents require an immediate and coordinated response, both inside the ECC and in the field. Technology and multimedia tools such as indoor mapping, live-stream images from the scene, and artificial intelligence solutions augment the delivery of critical emergency services. This session will examine how emerging technologies enhance efficient and effective workflow while providing greater situational awareness to dispatchers and emergency field responders.     

Presenter Bio

Julie has been in the 911 industry for over 15 years after entering the public safety field at the local level in 2008. She began her public safety journey in central Washington State, wearing multiple hats at her local police department, but quickly found her passion in full-time 911 work as a call-taker and dispatcher at a consolidated standalone ECC, where she developed exceptional skills in communication, crisis management, and coordination, along with a passion for technology. Her technical skills and ability to remain calm under pressure have earned her a reputation for reliability and efficiency, and she decided to use that experience to better the public safety software ecosystem for good. After hanging up her dispatch headset in 2016, Julie traveled the country training 911 dispatchers and police officers for one of the most prominent public safety software/radio vendors in the United States. She was considered a subject matter expert in the CAD technology field and quickly found another passion - public speaking! Her training audiences went from small classroom sizes to much larger settings, as she continued to instruct annually at the User’s Conference (she now speaks at multiple 911 conferences annually since coming to RapidSOS!). Julie's passion for speaking at conferences stems from her belief in the power of knowledge sharing and professional development. By exchanging ideas and best practices, she aims to contribute to the continuous improvement of emergency services and create a stronger support system for those working in the field. Julie has been with RapidSOS since 2020 and is passionate about being on the frontline of emerging technology in public safety. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family (four-legged and two-legged) and volunteering at a local food pantry weekly. She is an EMT student with Warren Ambulance and eagerly awaits her first chance to run “code” (lights and sirens) again. She holds a bachelor's degree in Law & Justice from Central Washington University.