Monday 1:30PM The 9-1-1 Training Blueprint: Establishing A Standard of Instructor Excellence

Program Objectives

1) Comprehend the distinction between instructor-led and student-led learning approaches. 
2) Assess their existing teaching style and modify it to optimize learning outcomes. 
3) Overcome the obstacles encountered while collaborating with other classroom instructors as a team.    

Program Description

Communications Training Officers (CTO) conduct the initial training for new employees as part of their onboarding process. The first interaction between the CTO and the trainees plays a crucial role in establishing the organization's atmosphere. Shifting from individualized instruction to teaching a group of new hires presents its difficulties. How can you effectively nurture your Communications Training Officers into skilled instructors for the training academy? In this session, we will explore the responsibilities of training instructors, techniques for managing a classroom, and gaining insights into how adult learners comprehend information.       

Presenter Bio 

For more than 18 years, the name Dominique Mathis has been a noteworthy leader, trainer, and trailblazer in emergency communications management. She is an expert, specializing in emergency communications operations, training and development, emergency support services, consulting, facilitating, and human resources development. Her personal story, and trauma she witnessed and experienced in her own life made her want to “break the cycle” and help victims who need assistance. She has taken that courage and passion turning it into a career in public safety communications. In 2018, she received the prestigious Florida Sheriff’s Association Dispatcher of the Year award. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Exceptional Student Education K-12 from Miami Dade College. A Master of Science from Florida International University in Adult Education and Human Resource Development. Passionate and efficient, Mathis believes in the importance of, “share your story every chance you get, because you may not get to share it one day.” She currently serves as the Customer Success Manager at Carbyne.