IPSTA Program

37th Annual Illinois Public Safety
Telecommunications Association Conference
October 24-27, 2021

Sunday, October 24th 
8:30 AMPre-Conference Course: Preventing Telecommunicator Tunnel Vision - NENA (Mark Swiderski)

(Separate Registration Required)

3:00 PMConference Registration Opens

4:30 PMIL APCO/INENA Joint Chapter Meeting - Plaza C/D
6:00 PMFirst Timer Welcome - Ruby
6:30 PMWelcome Reception in the Vendor Area

Monday, October 25th 

8:30 AMOpening Session - Ballroom

9:00 AMKeynote: You Own Your Attitude: How a Focus on Values and Meaning Can Change Everything, Dr. Michell Lilly
10:30 AMExclusive Vendor Hours 10:30 AM - 1:30 PM (Vendor Hall Open 10:30 AM - 4:00 PM)
12:00 PMLunch in the Vendor Hall, Bring your Ticket


MondayHot Topics - Sapphire Telecommunicator - Plaza C/D
1:30 PMLegislative Session 101Taking Care of our Own: Recognizing, preventing burnout and building resilience

IL- Joint Legislative Committee and State 9-1-1 AdministratorRebecca Densmore, First In Resislence & Support Team

This legislative super session will cover the current issues on a state level regarding 9-1-1.  The presenters will be joined by members of the joint IL-APCO and I NENA legislative committee and the statewide 9-1-1 Administrator.  Many important updates will be shared. This Super Session will focus on recognizing negative signs and symptoms and how to combat them and the importance of overall mental and physical health of the first responder. Specific focus will include: Recognizing Burnout, Preventing Burnout, and Building First Responder Resilience 

Hot Topics - SapphireSupervisor/Manager - RubyTelecommunicator -
Plaza C/D
Technology - Plaza A
3:15 PMLCC K-9 Comfort Dogs Bringing Comfort in Times of Crisis & DisasterThe importance of always being   "Your Best You"Domestic Violence for 911: From the Phone Call to the Court Room GIS Workflow for NextGen 9-1-1 in Illinois

LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs, Lea KellyDeb Deel, Illinois State Toll Authority (retired)Justin Anderson, Rockford Fire Dept. 9-1-1 Chad Sperry, Western Illinois Univ. GIS 

More than 130 LCC K-9 Comfort Dogs serve in communities in 20 states and are dispatched in times of disaster and crisis to all those affected, including first responders and the volunteers who serve them.  Importance of doing your best. Other's perceptions and reactions. Increased self-worth positively influences choices and decisionsFacilitated by a multi-disciplinary team from Winnebago County, IL, including the State’s Attorney’s Office, this training will provide attendees with an overview of domestic violence, non-fatal strangulation, and the vital role telecommunicators play within the criminal justice and community response to domestic violence. This session will focus on developed Next Generation 911 GIS tools and supporting information such as videos and the GeoNet that have been created to support NG GIS data standardization. This session will also discuss a workflow that will compare addresses and street names in local ALI data files to the GIS data (address point and road centerline)
4:15 PMEvidence on the impact of social support           in 9-1-1 agencies Social Media in the 9-1-1 CenterPSAP and Railroad Operational InteractionClosing the Data Gap: Reinventing OHCA Emergency Response

Dr. Michelle Lilly, 9-1-1 RecoversJohn Kelly,  Ottosen DiNolfo Hasenbalg & Castaldo, Ltd.Ron Bonneau, PSAP Concepts and SolutionsSameer Jafri, Avive                 Amy Marion, RapidSOS

There has been an increasing emphasis on the potential benefits of peer support and peer support programs in first responders. This break-out will examine the recent evidence on the benefits of peer support in first responders, and specifically in 9-1-1 telecommunicators, and then focus on qualities of peer support interactions and programs that are most effective. This will include discussion on peer support interactions that may cause more harm than good. Social Media impacts many areas of the 9-1-1 center.     In this session Attorney Kelly will provide some of the largest areas of concerns and how 9-1-1 Centers should address them. This training session was developed in conjunction with the federal railroad administration and focuses on the interaction between railroads and PSAP during incidents involving railroad operations. Special nomenclature used by railroads when they call PSAPs for response is discussed along with priority of such situations the class utilizes actual locomotive camera footage of incidents. Additional attendees will learn how to download railroad GIS files and will be shown how to use the smart phone app developed by the FRA for public safety.Today, critical data gaps limit a dispatcher’s situational awareness during out-of-hospital cardiac arrest (OHCA) emergencies and negatively impact their ability to effectively coordinate care on-scene pre-EMS arrival. In this session, a public safety leader and an emergency technology expert will share new approaches and technological solutions that may close existing critical data gaps during OHCA emergencies. 

5:15 PM5K Run, at the IDOT site; exactly 1 mile north of the hotel.  This will be a true 5k and one total lap to get this distance.

                     Tuesday, October 26
8:30 AMVendor Floor Opens, Coffee/Rolls
11:00 AMVendor Prize Giveaway on Vendor Floor
11:00 AMIL-TERT Meeting, Plaza A


TuesdayHot Topics - SapphireSupervisor/Manager - RubyTelecommunicator -
Plaza C/D
Technology - Plaza A
8:30 AMDispatching in Civil UnrestSupervisors Round TableDomestic Violence and DispatchOnStar Emergency Services:  In the Vehicle and Beyond

Doug Showalter, Showalter & CompanyBrent Reynolds, Glenview Public Safety               Dispatch Center                       John Mostaccio, IL-APCOStephanie Burzynski, SEECOM                                   Linda Hooten, Huntley Police DepartmentMarc Gramlich, ENP, OnStar

Over the last year, we’ve been experiencing varying degrees of social unrest, some even targeting police stations, and other public safety facilities, including Communications Centers.  We will discuss the importance of personal and professional awareness and readiness, including situational awareness. The overall safety and security of your center is critical during these difficult and challenging times. It’s time to prepare for these events both personally and professionally. This is the opportunity for Directors, Managers and Supervisors to have an open discussion on day-to-day issues and challenges faced in dispatch centers while receiving feedback and sharing successes with their peers. This session is moderated by a larger consolidated dispatch center communications manager and a smaller multi-jurisdictional dispatch center director.This training offers 9-1-1 and law enforcement dispatchers the training and tools to effectively handle a variety of domestic violence situations. The training provides some basic background information on family violence and the trauma informed approach, call taking tips and techniques for handling domestic violence calls, a detailed discussion about strangulation and how to recognize when it has occurred, a description of barriers that domestic violence victims face as well as what 9-1-1 professionals can do to improve their call taking performanceThis presentation will provide an overview and update of OnStar’s Emergency Services including Automatic Crash Response, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Guardian Mobile App and OnStar’s role with future technologies BEYOND the vehicle to enhance interoperability within the emergency services ecosystem. We recognize the challenges public safety entities face during emergencies and are always striving to help. Learn what to expect on future calls from OnStar and how it may impact your agency. 
1:00 PMThere is Never Enough TimeCreating Meaningful Change: Turning QA Data into Performance ImprovementGrow Through What You Go Through Cybersecurity Threats to Public Safety in 2021 and Beyond

Karen Shorey, LMI Central IllinoisMeridith Jensen, Priority Dispatch Corp.Brian MacMurdo, DATAMARKPaul Hill, Motorola Solutions

We each have the same amount of time each day. We all have the same amount available to us. We cannot manage our time. We cannot save it or even bank it. What we can do is manage what we do with our time so we can utilize it more efficiently. In this interactive session you will learn practical tips to put you back in control, reduce your stress and bring back balance to your life. Case Review is just one step in the cycle necessary for a successful Quality Management program.Learn from one of the industry's subject matter experts in ProQA & AQUA about common compliance challenges/barriers as well as success strategies. Attendees will come together to learn (and share) data-driven methods to create custom plans, policies, and practices for Performance Improvement. In this session, Brian explains the need to shift our mindset and view adversity as a challenge to succeed and grow. The only way we grow is by being in positions we aren't used to. Being uncomfortable often pushes us to be better in whatever we are doing, whether that's business, relationships, or life. We cannot avoid adversity. We will all go through it at some point. We do have a choice on how we respond to it. Will you try to run away, or will you engage and Grow Through What You Go Through? Public safety organizations face growing threats from criminals, nation-states, hacktivists, and insiders across systems and platforms that were, until recently, self-contained and isolated. Therefore, it's essential to not only secure the tools themself, but also all traditional enterprise IT systems connected to them. We'll cover the threat landscapes for Land Mobile Radio (LMR), Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), Records and Evidence storage, and Body Worn Cameras with recommendations as to how to address them. 
2:00 PMCISA: Free IT Security Products and ServicesWhat leadership looks like and how to prepare yourself to be successful22 WordsWhen Next Gen Becomes Now: What's Next?

Scott Klein, DU-COMMChris Lienhardt, Red Center    John Ferraro, NWCDS            Brian Tegtmeyer, DU-COMMMatt Grogan, Denise Amber Lee FoundationAmy Marion, RapidSOS

Maintaining a secure network is complicated, expensive, and neverending. Learn how the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) can help better secure your network at no cost. CISA offers a myriad of products and services to critical infrastructure entities. Products and services include IT controls, vulnerability scanning, phishing assessments, application scanning, and penetration testing. In this session these services will be explained and show how DU-COMM is currently using them to secure their network This session will discuss how to prepare for the upcoming promotion & interview, as well as the common mistakes every newly promoted leader makes, and tips on how to avoid them by hearing from three Directors who have made them, and aren't afraid to admit it. Additionally, this class will have interactive discussion on what leadership truly looks like and we will address some of the fears, challenges and perceptions / misconceptions that often hold people back from aspiring to lead.“Dispatch, we got a large crowd running from the music festival down here, do you have reports of anything? Sounds like gunfire.” On October 1, 2017, Engine 11 keyed up and those 22 words echoed. Using lessons learned from the Las Vegas Shooting, we will discuss the importance of a strong training program and what you can do to prepare. This session will share how public safety leaders across the country are utilizing life-saving data from sources such as Apple, Google, Uber, MedicAlert, and more to enhance emergency response and allocate resources more effectively. 9-1-1 professionals will leave with a clearer understanding of how to receive, train for, and utilize this life-saving data. NG911 is no longer the next generation, it is now!
3:00 PMIL-TERT How to Get and Stay InvolvedPower of FeedbackLeading Into the Future9-1-1- Beyond the Call:         Getting the Big Picture

IL-TERT Board MemebersTimothy Bergel, Cook County SheriffDoug Showalter, Showalter & CompanyLori Walker, Word Systems   Wade Meyers, Word Systems

In an emergency, who can your 9-1-1 Center call to assist you?  IL-TERT members provide PSAP to PSAP Mutual Aid as well as assist in other large scale emeregencies. While IL-TERT has been around for a while, we need more agencies and team members to get involved in this important organziation. This session will provide an overview of IL-TERT. What we do?, How we do it, and how to get involved.  Our diminished value of feedback as an industry may simply be the very reason some agencies have unfortunately adopted the “but we’ve always done it this way” approach to training their new employees. Does this sound like your agency? This session will focus on how to best obtain training feedback from both the newly hired employee and the seasoned veteran dispatcher. What questions to ask when seeking this crucial information, and which employees should ask to receive the input. Finally, implementing the feedback obtained to improve the effectiveness of your agency’s training program.  
Who will be leading your organization in five or ten years? Why not you? As many agencies continue to experience a high turnover of personnel, the need for new leadership, ideas and strategies continues to intensify.   We passionately believe that everyone within your organization is able to provide some type of leadership, from the newest employee to the most senior.  Whether its leading through attitude, interpersonal relations, or commitment to the mission, leadership is critical to your success.  Is your 9-1-1 center so laser focused on the pure mechanics of handling 9-1-1 calls that you’re missing the big picture? Are you overly tuned into call volumes and call answer times, with little visibility into actual call outcomes and how well you’re supporting your member agencies? Lacking insight into why things happened the way they did? Plagued by staffing, retention and quality issues with no idea how to turn things around? In this session, we’ll show you how to look beyond the call and get the big picture of what’s happening, how and why, so you can effect true transformation. 
4:00 PM
Legal UpdatesSay This Not That911 Virtual Assistances through Artificial Intelligence (AI)

John Kelly, Ottosen DiNolfo Hasenbalg & Castaldo, Ltd.Dawn Shumway, Denise Amber Lee FoundationTerry Burnworth,                      Pyramid Consulting

Attorney John Kelly will provide some general updates on liability in 9-1-1 highlighting recent issues.  In addition time will be spent on Freedom of Information Act and Open Meetings Act compliance.  Finally important updates regarding personnel issues will also be covered.This class goes over word tips and simple phrases that foster better communication and relationships. Not only with your callers in your communication centers but with your co-workers and people in your personal life. Learn about the negative impacts of emotional suppression statements and understand more what are normal human responses when someone is functioning under the emotional centers of the brain. Add tools to your toolbox that you can use instantly after this class.This session will provide a high-level review of the AI concepts and machine learning issues as related to ECC operations.      AI includes utilization of current databases and algorithms within the CAD systems to enhance performance of the PST. Virtual Assistants or Chatbots will enhance the current systems for on-line chat, texting (including RTT), and real time video (RTV) in lieu of providing direct contact with a PST. This reduces the “information overload” of the PST. The session will end by providing a basic implementation protocol for AI deployment in the ECC operations.
6:00 PMReception, Dinner, Awards, & Entertainment


Wednesday, October 27
9:00 AMIllinois' NG911 Implementation Plan, Cindy Barbera-Brelle, Statewide 9-1-1 Administrator
10:00 AM 11:30 AMSeize Your Moment to Be the Difference, Matt Grogan, Denise Amber Lee Foundation

Each moment in our line of work, each call we take, each radio transmission, is a moment for us to be the difference in someone's life. Whether it is a caller who is contemplating suicide and just needs a reassuring voice, a parent who just lost their child, or even just an officer making a traffic stop, each moment we can be the voice who is the difference in their life. During this session, you will understand though personal tragedies, how important it is to seize each moment in your lives, how you can be difference, and never ever let a moment pass you by.

Prizes following session, must be present to win