Pre-Conference Sunday Education

The IPSTA Conference is proud to offer the following pre-conference course for the 2022 conference.  

  • Sunday October 23, 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM                 

  • adam_timmCost is $100.00 per attendee.  

  • Separate registration is required for this pre-conference course

The Emotionally Intelligent Comm Center
Presented By: Adam Timm 

Course Description

Providing service to the public can be an emotional experience. Citizens are angry, coworkers are annoyed, and supervisors are frustrated. Negative exchanges can impact customer service quality and escalate situations. Without the ability recognize and manage emotions in ourselves and others, we can feel out of control and the job can easily run us into the ground. This fast-paced, interactive training class shows the power of emotional intelligence and demonstrates how improving yours can make you a better leader, in all areas of your life.

Learning Objectives

  • Why emotional intelligence is so important to working in public safety
  • Skills for improving their leadership ability, no matter where in the organization they work
  • Tools for communicating more effectively and de-escalating heated exchanges
  • The simple change they can make to improve their agency’s culture and morale