Keynote Speaker

Opening Session

Culture – Individual Accountability & Empowerment
Presented By: Robert Mann


Who’s responsible for all this “toxicity?” and “Why hasn’t the leadership done anything about it?”
When was the last time you asked yourself, “What is my contribution to the culture of my center?”

In this keynote presentation, Robert Mann will challenge the way you think about the culture of your center, how the culture came to be, and who can influence it.  As a former bomb technician, SWAT Breacher, and hostage negotiator, Robert has decades of experience with high-performing teams and how they intentionally create and maintain a culture of excellence.  He has spent years collaborating with NENA as an instructional designer and has discovered the 9-1-1 profession is no different from any other team tasked with great responsibilities; the potential for excellence is there, but excellence must be demanded before it can be unleashed!  Achieving excellence requires that individuals demand accountability from themselves and others.  You’ll learn about the power of social influence over both positive and negative behaviors and embrace your role in creating a thriving culture.  


Robert Mann served as member of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department (CA) for twenty-five years until he retired from law enforcement in March of 2014.  He began his law enforcement career after serving in the United States Marine Corps.  Robert has been involved in training for well over twenty-five years, having been a Field Training Officer, a full-time Arrest and Controls Techniques Instructor, and the Training Officer for a full-time Bomb Squad, as well as having over twenty years of experience as adjunct faculty at Santa Ana and Golden West Colleges.  He has been a nationally certified IADLEST instructor and is certified as a Master Instructor through California POST.  Over the course of his law enforcement career, Robert has been a hostage negotiator, a bomb technician, graduated from SWAT School, and served for 13 years as the team leader for the county-wide Tactical Explosive Breach Element.  He worked assignments in General Investigations, Special Investigations, and Internal investigations.  Robert is a recipient of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Medal of Courage for an on-duty incident.    

Prior to becoming the founder and principal of Semper Fi Professional Development, Inc., Robert worked with other government agencies and private organizations to improve individual and team performance and create organizational accountability systems.

He has been an instructor and course coordinator within the California POST Instructor Development Institute and the Robert Presley Institute of Criminal Investigations.  He currently works as Professional Development Consultant and Instructional Designer.  Robert is a member of the NENA instructional cadre and is co-founder of Pathfinder Resilience, an organization focused on training the public safety community on how to take charge of their own wellness.