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As a result of the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) situation, emergency communications centers (ECCs) are implementing and revising SOPs to ensure continuity of operations including scenarios that address how to proceed if someone inside their centers becomes infected. Given the essential nature of ECC personnel and already widespread staffing challenges this situation can certainly present some challenges.

APCO has created a PSConnect community for members to ask questions and share information regarding the COVID-19 response and impact on emergency communications centers. This is intended to serve as a hosted discussion among members.

This forum, and the content herein, does not represent any official position by APCO International. It is offered as a service to our members and agencies and intended for information sharing and situational awareness. The forum is not monitored by APCO Staff. For any official guidance, please refer to governmental authorities.

Additionally, APCO has established a webpage to provide resources for ECCs. The webpage will be updated as the situation unfolds.

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As a reminder, all APCO EMD agency EMD instructors and EMD Managers have access to the Pandemic guidecard and information in their PSConnect communities.