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Leadership Symposium Program - Day 2

Day 2 (May 15th): Directors/Managers

The Manager session of the Leadership Symposium will be a high energy event that will send you back to the hive with knowledge that is hard to find anywhere else. We will have a full day of trading professional advice and the day will be capped off with a full 3 hours of John Kelly, a legal expert in the 911 field.  This networking and collaborative learning event will pay lasting dividends in your agency as you leverage the contacts made during this fun day. This day is intended for Managers specifically and Supervisors and Telecommunicators should register for the day that is specific to their daily duties.


08:00-08:30: Intro

It’s easy to feel like you are alone, but there is no reason for it. Look around the room. Everyone here is a resource. Everyone here got to where they are because someone believed in them. Think about where you were and what you knew 5 years ago; are you in the same place? Think about where you want to be in 5 years; how are you going to bridge that gap? Did you come this far to give up? If you fail, who pays the price? Consistency separates winners from wannabe’s. 

8:30-9:20: Dealing with “That Guy/Gal”

EVERYONE has “That Guy/Gal” working for them. What have you done to keep a lid on the situation? What have you tried that blew up in your face? If you get rid of them, will your problems be solved?

9:20-9:40: Break

9:40-10:30: Cannibals of the modern day PSAP

Everyone is familiar with the “Eat our Young” culture that is so pervasive in our industry. How do we break the cycle of treating others how we hated to be treated? If you have ever heard the expressions “I paid my dues” or “They signed up for this” or maybe “We all had to deal with it” then you will be more than equipped to contribute to the discussion in this session.  We must stop pretending this is not a problem and tackle it head on to create an environment conducive to positive professional growth and learning.

10:30-10:50: Break

10:50-11:40: Where is the fun at?

This will be a new session this year designed to encourage everyone to share what they do to keep the mood light and positive in their centers. Managing negativity is a challenge in our industry and we must fight to keep our staff in a positive mood.

11:40-12:10: Break and Lunch Served

12:10-13:00 Lunch Open Discussion

During this segment, we will ask for any dilemmas you are experiencing that will not be addressed in the other primary segments. Air your struggle out, and let the room respond to it. This session will be a great time to collect business cards and make contacts to use throughout the year.

13:00-13:20: Break

13:20-16:00 Legal Time with John Kelly

After a presentation on legal hot topics in 911, we will open the floor to attendee driven question and answer with John Kelly. Bring your toughest legal struggles to this session and fasten your seat belt. We will have two 20-minute breaks during this session as time permits.