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MABAS Illinois Dispatch Summit 2019





February 27, 2019

0800 - 1600

Dispatcher Conference Registration open

1000 - 1030

Welcome to the 2019 MABAS-Illinois Dispatchers Summit


1030 - 1200

Opening Speaker –

Health and Welfare in our profession with Sarah Gura –

We welcome back Sarah who specializes in dealing with our profession in stress, depression and PTSD!

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1200 - 1330

Conference Registration and Lunch on your own! Explore Bloomington-Normal!

1330 - 1500

General Session – From North to South, City to Country, it’s all the same! A presentation on a Division 3 fire and a Division 58 fire, and how the system works regardless of location!  Chris Lienhardt and Rachel Thompson with Assistant Chief Dave Caulk
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1500 - 1630

Raffle & Door Prizes –                                        


1800 - 2030

Dinner Served -  

Tired Travelers courtesy of our Vendor Sponsors – Join us for our ‘St. Patrick’s’ themed gathering!    






February 28, 2019

0700 – 0800

Breakfast and Registration for Attendees –

0815 – 0930

General Session – Lessons Learned

Division 7 Pembroke Brush fire – Matt Shronts and Jen Palacio

Division 10 Gas leak - Kent Adams

Division 56 Hog Containment fire - Greg Nimmo

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0930 – 1015

General Session – Sun Prairie Explosion and Dispatch Evacuation

            A presentation on their Incident that shook the entire community – Kevin Fosso

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1015 – 1030


1030 – 1145

General Session – Las Vegas Active Shooter A presentation on the Mandalay Bay incident from multiple perspectives!  Matt Grogan, Letha Lofton and Melanie Straeter
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Attendance Certificate   

1145 – 1300

Lunch – MABAS TCD in review – Chris Lienhardt

Who we are, what we’re doing, and where we are going! Meet the members, a Review of our Committee meeting, and upcoming events
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1300 – 1345

An Outsiders Perspective- Chief Petty Officer Allen C. Holtsford, USN, Retired      “Leadership and vitality of dispatching; the keystone to a crisis”   

  A discussion of how dispatchers are leaders up and down the chain of command and throughout an organization!

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1345 – 1500

MABAS for Beginners
Attendance Certificate   

 MABAS Advanced
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‘Fire 101’ An interactive presentation on the basics of firefighting -Andy Russell, Mike Spiro and Jamie Fleisner

‘Statewide and beyond’ – A review of the steps in an escalating incident! Mark Sikorski and Tom Clifton

MABAS Basics – A presentation on the how’s and why’s of dispatching a box alarm       - Mark Sikorski

‘Deployment review’- An inside perspective from notifications, to EMAC requirements, through deployment!!!

Chip Wilmot, Steve Groszek and Chuck Gros

Let’s Talk about your Box Cards!

With Jamie Fleisner and Bill Neumann

An open discussion regarding YOUR box cards!

     Bring your Local BOX CARDS!!! 

    -Dispatcher Simulator available!!!!      

1500 – 1515


1515 – 1545

IL-TERT Presentation – An update on Illinois TERT with Brian Tegtmeyer
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1545 – 1700

Open Forum – ‘It’s not about you, It’s the mission!’ ATheater themed’ open discussion - Chris Lienhardt, Allen Holtsford and Kent Adams

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                  DISPATCHERS SUMMIT



March 1, 2019

0700 – 0830

Continental Breakfast for Attendees –

0830 – 0930

An update from MABAS Illinois – A State of the Organization briefing and discussion on Deployment requests from CEO/Chief Glenn Ericksen and Chris Lienhardt

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0930 – 0945


0945 – 1045

Closing Speaker – Mike Toomey – ‘You are not secretaries…You are SUPERHEROES!’ An enlightening, and entertaining session with WGN Chicago’s Funniest “News Reporter”!
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1045 – 1130

2019 Dispatcher Summit – Open Forum - A discussion about upcoming events and classes….and Closing Remarks