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Joint Legislative Update - House Bill 163 Amendment 2


Dear Member,

Please review the following documents associated with HB 163 Amendment 2. Although our associations can and do support reasonable reforms, there are provisions in this bill that are problematic and detrimental to the law enforcement community and we cannot support it as drafted.  We encourage the Illinois Legislative Black Caucus to continue to work with the law enforcement agencies to develop a reform package that has the support of all parties.  We encourage you to reach out to your local legislator to encourage them to oppose this package until that consensus is achieved.

Please see the attached documents related to HB 163 Amendment 2.

FOP Document #1                                FOP Membership Document

FOP Leadership Summary Document    House Bill 163 Comments listing 

LE Coalition Fact Sheet                         Sheriff Assn 2020 Qualified Immunity Flyer 

AG Police Certification Language


Shelley Dallas                     Brent Reynolds

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Brent Reynolds

IL APCO President


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